Confusion is Awful

A Needed Separation

Couples go through different phases when they date, and some of them find they are on the verge of breaking up when the relationship becomes serious. It could be that they are both getting cold feet about marriage, or it might be a needed separation for each of them to decide if they can truly fashion a future with each other. No matter what reasons they find for doing it, living through this phase of their relationship can be heart-breaking. Their thoughts, feelings and actions during this time will let them know if they are ready to live happily together for the rest of their life, or they might decide it is best to end it immediately.

Taking a break

Modern life comes with many amenities, and taking a break from a relationship seems to have become another one. Couples with deep emotional ties look at what they are giving up for a relationship, and they can suddenly become hesitant. If the other person ignores or dismisses their fears, they might decide to stop seeing them for a short time. It is their way of discovering whether or not they are ready to give up what they have to be able to nurture the relationship, so not all couples will get back together when the break is over.

A distant relationship

Moving far from home for work has become easier for those who want to advance quickly in their career, and many couples have found they will be spending time in a distant relationship. They might wonder if their love will carry them through a year or two of being physically separated, and plans are often made for texting, emails, calls, and visits. Each one of them might swear there will be no difference in their relationship, but only those who are truly committed will still have the love of their life once they are reunited.

Go it alone

There are times when one person in a relationship has lost their own confidence, and they are leaning too heavily on their partner. It can be recognized by both of them, but knowing what to do about it can elude the pair. For those who are determined to help their spouse in this situation, making them go it alone can help them regain their confidence. It matters little if it is a social situation, a new interest they have wanted to try, or it might even be forcing them to shop for groceries. It could seem cruel to outsiders to do this to a spouse, but it is about helping that person regain something they have lost. Finding it again can give the couple the ultimate chance to renew their happy relationship.

There are many ways modern life can change the nature of any relationship, and people must accept that these obstacles can help them form a better partnership. Those who manage to successfully overcome their trials will find their partner awaits them at the curve in the road. For those couples deeply in love, the courage to try is what they need most to help them succeed in finding happiness together.